I thought you might like this +Bill Pevlor 

The Golden Ratio: Design’s Biggest Myth
The golden ratio is total nonsense in design. Here’s why.

3 thoughts on “Interesting perspective

  1. Everyone has an opinion. It is still interesting that there is something important in the ratio itself. I have played with the concept for half of my long life. And I am constantly drawn to it… in spite of your options. Interesting to consider. And I will reconsider my perspective. Will you…? +Todd Lohenry​ and +Bill Pevlor​.

  2. I ran across the golden ratio when doing some rectangle math for a photo editor, it wasn't what I needed…luckily! It would've made my math off ever so slightly and probably would've irritated the bloody hell out of me, lol!

  3. I feel as though I wasted my time reading this one.  I wasn't impressed with the arguments raised and even less so with the way they were presented. However, it did give me something think about…for a minute or so. 

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