Last week I was lamenting to my friend +John Chvatal the plight of small business owners in my town who need to get found but don't have the wherewithall to do it. That very same day, he alerted me to a case study done by +Debi Davis et al about putting Eagle, CO on the map and she followed it up with an excellent Hangout on Air in which she, as well as other people involved in the program, talked about what it took to put a town on the map so that business owners could increase their chances of getting found in Google search.

Later this week, I'll be presenting this info to our chamber of commerce and looking for their collaboration in putting our town on the map but I'm prepared to move ahead without them if they don't get the vision. I'm very passionate about supporting the small business owners who serve us throughout the winter and I'd like to help them get more than their fair share of business while the summer sun is shining.

I'm in the process of developing a #searchengineoptimization workflow that can be triggered with a smartphone — something all business owners seem to have these days even if they don't have or don't want a computer. Stay tuned for more details as I continue to deploy Google Plus Pages using the Google My Business program supported by great middleware like +Friends+Me and microsites like +Tumblr or full-blown +WordPress sites. #googlemybusiness #seo #seomarketing

Google My Business Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map Program – A Quick Analysis …
Google My Business Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map Program – A Quick Analysis

Google My Business recently came out with an new program called Let’s Put… – Marilyn Moore – Google+

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5 thoughts on “Have you heard about Google’s ‘Let’s put our cities on the map’ campaign?

  1. +Todd Lohenry yesterday I was checking to see what businesses had a Google+ presence by typing in their names and manually searching for their Local pages. I found a fair number with incomplete profiles and today through Todd's post I found a bit of a shortcut. Follow this link and it will help you quickly find whether your business has a listing and how complete. https://www.gybo.comIn the small sample of businesses I checked using this tool I found that over half hadn't claimed their Local page and I even found one that didn't even show up on the map!

  2. +Todd Lohenry Thank you so much for the mention! I'm right there with you! Getting the support of the Chamber would be ideal, but I'm ready to go door-to-door if I have to. +John Chvatal I just ran the numbers on a sample of 97 local businesses in #GoldenCO (I manually checked the map status of each): 39% have not claimed or verified; 37% have claimed but not optimized; 11% optimized, but have abandoned, 5% look great and 5% don't even appear on maps.

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