It’s no secret that Google+ is my favorite social network. Where else can you get a free platform that’s fully indexed by Google so that your every thought shows up immediately in Google search? If your objective is to ‘get found’ I think Google Plus is the best place to document your thoughts.

But, you might say, what about Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Page, Twitter and Tumblr? How do I add Google Plus to my already overflowing social media plate without neglecting the people I’ve connected with on these other networks?

The answer is simple and effective. It’s a tool called +Friends+Me. This great little tool allows you to #curate content with its handy Chrome extension and then it can automagically [not a typo] share with up to 3 social networks for free and up to 10 social sites for the low cost of $9 per month. Using this tool, I can leverage the power of Google+ while I continue to nurture the relationships I have in those other networks.

Thanks to +Friends+Me the content your reading now has been posted to my Facebook Page, my LinkedIn profile and my Twitter account just by clicking share AND, thanks to the magic of a WordPress plugin called SM2WP [] I can automatically import this into my WordPress website as well! #blog #productivity #productivitytips #gtd #efficiency

Keep your blog fresh and active by using social media to your advantage.

This post was originally posted to my Google+ Page and then imported here. Ask me why I do it this way…

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