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Here are a couple of thoughts on why I prefer Buffer over HootSuite. First, in my experience Buffer does a better job transferring images that look good when they are cross-posted to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Second, the mobile version of Buffer allows you to post to a Google+ Page and HootSuite only allows you to post to Facebook and Twitter. Finally, Buffer has an amazing new sidekick called Pablo which allows you to create memes for your social media in less than a minute. Watch this for even more great reasons to love Buffer…

3 thoughts on “Why do I prefer Buffer?

    1. Canva is awesome, but I’m already in Buffer all day long. I don’t create big complex graphics — I just need pity quotes either from my content or someone else’s and the fact that there are over 600k stock photographs available mean I never have to worry about finding the right image…


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