Interview With Semantic Search and SEO Expert David Amerland

Semantic Search SEO David AmerlandKamkash Digital Marketing has an excellent interview article with my ‘semantic search hero’ David Amerland

David Amerland, a chemical engineer turned semantic search and SEO expert, is a famed author, speaker and business journalist. He has been instrumental in helping startups as well as multinational brands like Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, BOSCH, etc. create their SMM and SEO strategies. Davis writes for high-profile magazines and media organisations such as Forbes, Social Media Today, Imassera and He is also part of the faculty in Rutgers University, and is a strategic advisor for

As an author, David Amerland has written 9 books around SEO and SMM. He is the author of a bestselling book titled “Google Semantic Search” which highlights the importance of semantic search and how technology with machine intelligence can do far better than humans in making search more user friendly.

David is the founder of, a repository of articles on SEO and semantic search, SMM and business. He is also the founder of consulting firm named HMS Media that specialises in content development and semantic search.

Below is an exclusive video interview that Kamkash did with David Amerland, in which he explains semantic search in layman’s terms, and how it is impacting the future of search and SEO.

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Here’s a sample of what you’ll find there:

If you liked this, you’ll love the other videos and you might even want to check out the books he’s written as well…

SEO vs SMM: Why You Need Both for a Successful Strategy

Eric Sachs has a great article I recommend you read on the need for both SEO and SEM in a successful content marketing strategy. He says:

If you do SEO without any kind of SMO or SMM, you’re missing out on a huge potential avenue for connecting to your customers off your website. You can use SMM to direct people back to your website, which helps boost rankings through additional traffic and social signals. But if you do SMM without any kind of SEO – you’re making it hard for people to find you organically outside of social media. It’s kind of like pizza without cheese. You can get it, and it’s all right, but when you put together, the results are magical. Unfortunately, however, there’s no one right way to combine the two into the winning strategy for your business.

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How to Rank a Website Locally

If you’re a business owner who is striving to grow your brand, it’s always necessary to keep up with the times. And right now, the keyword is “local SEO.” Local SEO involves optimizing your website, and online presence in order to rank better in local search results. This is a crucial move for both local business, and international organizations.

Source: How to Rank a Website Locally: Local SEO Guide – WPEka Blog