Must Have SEO Toolbars and How to Use Them

I love it when I tool I have used for years makes the top of the list!

This toolset collects and shows you open data about a website you’re on. It looks a bit outdated, yet you can get a general idea from it about the state of a website. As a website owner, you can check out the kind of links there are on a website, the site’s approximate page load speed, regular on-page SEO info, and some traffic stats. But upon testing, I noticed that quite a few of the metrics of Open SEO Stats are off. For example, the toolbar shows incorrect pagespeed and Alexa’s traffic stats, which aren’t as accurate as, say, SimilarWeb’s.

Source: Must Have SEO Toolbars and How to Use Them

Here’s my main reason for using one of these toolbars — it helps assure me that I’m not viewing ‘fake news’ and that the site I am viewing has authority and can be trusted and curated. I have used OpenStats for years but just recently switched to SEMRush…

More reasons why I love Buffer


I am going to make a very strong statement here but it’s one I feel very comfortable in making. If I could only use one tool for social media sharing and analytics, it would be Buffer. Buffer meets all my requirements for a recommended application and it delivers time and again.

recommended-application-criteriaI think the single most important issue in social media for many people may be how do I add social media to my already overflowing plate and still get home for supper. Many of us do social media in addition to some other job end some of us never wanted to engage in social media in the first place but we must to benefit our organization. Therefore, buffer is recommended by Einstein’s razor. It makes the social media process as simple as possible but no simpler…

Take a moment to watch this brief overview of the features I think are relevant and follow the links at the bottom of the post to other articles have written about buffer in the past and then ask me any questions you might have in the comments.

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