Do you have these 5 holes in your 2016 Content Marketing?

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1] Plan, create and use content across your company
2] Enhance existing content (AKA Plan content reuse)
3] Maintain your company blog as a corporate asset
4] Think beyond the content asset (AKA Support content ROI)
5] Schedule all content repromotion at the same time (Think beyond 1 month!)

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Have you missed 2016 content marketing opportunities? Not sure. 5 ways to stop your content marketing from costing you more than it should!

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How I get found online

Content marketing workflow
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Content marketing is more than just having a #blog. Here are my thoughts on building a good, fast and cheap workflow! #thoughtleadership

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How I get found online

I don’t do everything right — if you don’t believe me, just ask my wife. Yet, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again so as I approach 10 million views on Google+, here are some thoughts on the workflow that got me here…

Here’s the TODD Talk:

This post was originally posted to Google+ and then imported here. Ask me why I do it this way…

Filter bubbles; what they are and how to create them

A few years ago, Eli Pariser did a now famous TED talk on the concept of filter bubbles. Here it is in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Now as a consumer of information this concerns me on some levels but as an internet marketer, it gives me all kinds of reasons to love any tool that allows me to create my own filter bubbles for myself or my clients and to use this to my/our advantage. I have come to believe that the best tool for creating these bubbles is Google+. Here’s Rand Fishkin of Moz talking about how it works:

Here are some of the world’s greatest Google+ practitioners [and Hulk Hogan] discussing how to put Rand’s insights into practice:

Does it work? It’s scary how well it does! If you agree with me that the number one benefit of using the internet for thought leadership is to get found when people are looking for you or what you do, Google+ is now the most important tool for you to understand and leverage. It’s all happening here…